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The Introduction of Golden Knit Computerized Double jersey Jacquard Series: - Computerized needle selection technology (3 technical ways: Knit, tuck and miss) enables production of various jacquard fabrics without limiting pattern range. Applicable yarns include cotton, silk as well as chemical fiber, blending, artificial wool, etc. The variety fabric instructions are including the plain jacquard fabrics from 1 color to 4 different color yarns, double blister jacquard and double Lycra plating jacquard etc.

GS/2.1F 26"-38" 18G-28G 54F-82F Pure Cotton, Synthetic Fiber Blending, Real Silk, Artificial Wool, etc
GKS/2 1F-ELC 26"-38" 18G-28G 54F-82F
GS/1.6F 30"-38" 18G-28G 48F-62F
GKS/1 6F-ELC 30"-38" 18G-28G 48F-62F
GS/ELC-AQ 30"-40" 12G-30G 48F-82F
GKSiELC-SR 30"-42" 12G-30G 48F-90F