Flat knitting Machine

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Flat knitting Machine

A flat knitting machine is a two-bed machine. The most important mechanical features of a flat knitting machine are the supporting frame, the yarn feeding system, a transmission system, a fabric takedown motion, a central programming unit, and a needle-bed racking system. The manual flat knitting machine is made up of a frame carrying the base; this structure supports all the needle beds and motions necessary for the knitting process.

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  1. Flat knitting machine has two stationary needle beds.
  2. Latch needles are used.
  3. Angular cams of a bi-directional cam system are used.
  4. The cam system is attached to the underside of a carriage, which with its selected yarn carriers.
  5. The carriage traverses in a reciprocating manner across the machine width.
  6. There is a separate cam system for each needle bed.

Needle from 3G, 7G, 8G, 9G, 10G, 12G, 14G, 16G
Braided system Single Head System
Needle bed 45 " 48 " 52 " 56 " 60 " 72 " overall manufacturing precision, a special process to handle extremelly resistant.
Speed Maximum knitting speed of up to 1.2 m / sec 24-segment selector.
Shaker control AC servo motor control, can shake in the range of 2 inches high precision fine-tuning function.
Sinker Ising a stepper motor control can be adjusted according to different fabrics, as large as the effect of a variety of stitches and the needle.
Weaving function Shift the needle, twist flowers, pick holes, flat needles, single-sided dotted or dashed line jacquard, embossing pattern and edouble jacquard.
Adaptive organization Maximum knitting speed of up to 1.2 m / sec 24-segment selector.
Read pin Read needle advanced encoder
Turn needle Compsote triangular design, single / dual system can be individually or simultaneously turn the needle, a system can also be another system of turn needle knitting, to achieve efficient production.
Coil density The stepper motor control, 24-segment density can be chosen, each 0-650 deegree adjustable, and can accurately control the length of the garment is
Winding System Computer - controlled three torque motors, paragraph 24 Rally optional adjustable of 0-89..
Control system The LCD industry monitor, the graphical interface, floppy drive input file, the monitor screen to display various operating parameters, and adjusted at any time in the weaving process.
Color changing system 8 yarn carriers configured in four rails on both sides, switching yarn mouth in any position of the needle bed.
Protector Machine in the process of weaving the yarn breaking, floating yarn, knot yarn, cloth volume, a double error, the end of the number of pieces, nose firing pin, the program errors can automatically stop and alarm.
Power supply AC220V single-phase power using CMOS technology with memory function during power outages instantly.