Pile Cut/ High Pile (CRAZY) Circular Knitting Machines Series

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Pile Cut/ High Pile (CRAZY) Circular Knitting Machines Series

High Pile Loop Cutting Circular Knitting Machine is designed for manufacturing the most types high pile fabrics in the markets. This machine is mainly used for sperpa fabric,coral fleece,towel,carpet,blanket,Coral velvet, carding velvet, sun-flower velvet,pine velvet fabric and all kinds of garments fabrics. This machine is the ideal replacement for the warp knitting machine.

Why choose us

High Productivity

It brings more machine efficiency and save much labor cost when compared with normal speed machine.

Prolong lifespan

Dust exhausting fans remove useless cotton fiber and improve operating efficiency. Prolong lifespan of needles and sinkers.

Transfer Capably

Flexibly and easily knits different fabrics through replacing some heart parts´╝îhigh investment utilization


This machines designed for knitting high quality pile fabric by a special kind of knife needles. The knife needles cuts pile yarn to from pile on the face of fabric during knitting process. It is a technology loop in pile knitting machine field. This machine is used for high grade garments fabric and soft toy's fabric. It can knit and also produce plush, blankets, coral cashmere, and cashmere peacock. The length of pile can be exchanged simply, verities can be replaced easily .

GK-API 26"-36" 14G-28G 14F-48F
GD-PLC 22"-38" 18G-28G 18F-22F
GKD-PL 36F 30"-36" 16G-28G 18F-36F
GKD-P 30"-38" 10G-30G 22F -60F
GD-PL 14"-40" 14G-28G 12F-72F