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Three Thread Fleece & Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine Series

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Three Thread Fleece & Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine Series


GS/GKS machine adopts four tracks design, it is composed into a group of fleece yarn, tie in yarn & back yarn for knitting fish scale, twill & French double fleece, after fleece brushing the surface of the face-side of the cloth the made into a velvet. With its high number of feeders, this machine offers exemplary productivity which can replace the obsolete model of machines. The length of the wool yarn can be adjusted by the sinkers & the cams can so be converted to single jersey four tracks circular knitting machine after changing the suitable optional convert able parts. The finishing products includes high class ladies wear, sportswear, sweat shirt, night clothes, babies wear & protective clothing etc.

GS/3. F-FD 30"-38" 18G-24G 32F-144F Pure Cotton, Chemical Fiber, Blending, Real Silk, Artificial Fur, etc.
GKS/3. F 30"-38" 18G-26G 32F-144F
GKS/3.2F-FD 30"-38" 16G-26G 96F-122F
GS/3.2F-EL 30"-38" 16G-26G 96F-122F
GS/2.0F/S4R 14"-40" 14G-32G 28F-80F
GS/3.0F 14"-40" 14G-32G 42F-150F
GKS/3.0E-PSC 14"-40" 14G-32G 42F-150F
GS/3090/3096 14"-40" 14G-32G 42F-150F
GS/3.2F/ LED 14"-40" 14G-32G 42F-160F
GKS/4.0F 14"-60" 14G-32G 56F-240F
GS/4 OF-LED 14"-60" 14G-32G 56F-240F
GS/5.3F GS/6.0F 26"-60 14G-30G 136F-320F
GS/36144F-EL 26"-60 20G-30G 156F-360F
GS/36144F 34"-52" 18G-36G 136F-210F
GS/34136F/ EL 34"-52" 18G-36G 136F-210F
GK/3.OF-L 30"-56" 18G-40G 120E-230F
GK/4.0F & 26"-40" 18G-28G 78F-150F
GK/3.0F 26"-40" 18G-28G 78F-150F
GIK/2.1F 30"-40" 18G-28G 78F-150F