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High Speed Single Open Width Circular Knitting Machines Series

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High Speed Single Open Width Circular Knitting Machines Series


GD Series the Single open width knitting machine difference is based on open-width knitting machine, it can split the cloth system to be possible enable the cloth not to have the crease completely, lets the cloth obtain the comprehensive use, does not waste the cotton material completely, achieve reduses the cost to the enhance the profit the goal. when this machine makes the stripe of the checked cloth, the cloth ends are away from strip of distance & the cloth tail all can be consistent certainly does not have the disparity; Machine has installed with the drum speed change adjuster device, in order to the cotton material evenly to weave the density tobe stable: Holds controls time simple is continent, time/saving reduces efforts.

GKS/3.0E-L 26"-36" 18G-40G 78F-110F Pure Cotton, Chemical Fiber, Blending, Real Silk, Artificial Fur. etc
GS/3.0E-L-APL 26"-40" 16G-32G 78F-120F
GS/3.2F-L 30"-36" 20G-30G 96F-116F
GS14.0E-L-APL 30"-38" 20G-30G 120E-152F